O'Knife, the oysters knife easy to open

Aims : make the opening of oysters easy for everyone and avoid accidents

Some consumers are deprived of oysters not knowing how to open them or not being able to do so easily (especially women, old people, young people...)

Among those who dare to try, domestic accidents related to the opening of shells are too frequent.

The oyster opening has remained a great debate within the Bobet family !

After studying several approaches, the manufacturer has been working for 3 years on an opening process assisted by percussion.

A french innovation

Similar in appearance to a classic oyster lancet, the O'Knife is actually equipped with an integrated system that helps the oyster opener with rapid percussion when he starts to exert pressure.

Gesture remains the same as in the case of a conventional knife, but percussion allows the blade to easily penetrate the shell.

The opening is cleaner, faster and reduces the risks of slippage of the blade.

The manufacture of a test bench was used to measure its durability : at least 50.000 oysters before the first ruptures observed !

A global patent

Patented in France, in Europe and being expanded globally, this system brings a unique response to consumers and expands the potential of the oyster market.

Public launch by the end of 2014

First launched to professionals (oyster farmer, restaurateurs...) in March 2014, production lines are now ready to welcome requests from individuals in France and abroad.

A communication campaign will follow the public launch by the end of the year (advertising campaign in the culinary and consumer press).