The French professional savoir-faire, for public consumption

Created in April 1978 in basement of the family house, the company has since transformed into a logistics platform of over 50,000 m³, dedicated to the supplying of equipments for food industry. The skills were expanded through enhanced research and development. The location were multiplied (internal and external growth with the purchase of Termet and Manulatex).

Hyper-specialist in its sector, Bobet group now has 280 employees, subsidiaries in Brazil and Hungary. It is present in 80 countries.

Jérôme Bobet, its CEO, with a strong and loyal team, intends not only to strengthen its position among food industry with a complete and suitable offer, but also expand its expertise into new markets, specially the consumer market.

The culture of innovation


Every company of the Bobet group have something in common : a strong capacity for innovation. Each of them have a R&D department to meet specific needs of customers (improvement of workstation, HACCP*, quality approach...) and to evolve the product line to new features or applications.

Among the most important innovation of the group :

- The Sharp'Easy knife sharpener from Bobet Matériel

- The WILCO and WILCOFLEX protective gloves from Manulatex

Bobet Matériel : 1st stock of professional knives in France


Cutlery is a historic activity for Bobet Matériel which sold to professional over 258.000 knives last year. The company has the most important professional stock in France (in quantity of references).                            

* Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point