About us


Novac brand was born from the association of the specialist in supplying equipments for food industry , BOBET Matériel, and the french manufacturer of personal protective equipment, MANULATEX.

NOVAC presents a range of innovative and qualitative kitchen utensils, all made in France.

Discover O'Knife®, the oyster knife at the cutting edge of innovation and O'Safe®, the protective chainmail mitt.

Bobet Matériel

Created in 1978 by Jacques Bobet, Bobet Matériel company is composed of about 30 technical salesmen, equipped with store vans, enabling them to present Bobet equipment all over France. The logistics hub is in Champagné, Sarthe.

The company manufactures and distributes :

  • Personal Protective Equipments (boots, shoes, gloves, disposable clothes, cut-resistant gloves and aprons...)
  • Production supplies (knives, sharpening steels, slaughtering materials...)
  • Hygiene supplies (cleaning products, brushes...)
  • Maintenance supplies (wheels and casters, stainless steel hardware, couplings, hoses...)
  • Stainless steel materials (tables, trolleys, hand-washers, boot-washers, sole-washers...)

In 1997, the company buys Manulatex, well-known manufacturer of chainmail gloves, puncture-resistant aprons and work aprons.

In 2013, through its brand NOVAC, the group bases its experience and expertise in developing kitchenware for professionals and individuals.

Manulatex : one of the 4 world leaders in chainmail PPE*

presentation01In few decades (Manulatex was created in 1979), this specialist of protective equipments in chainmail and metal plates, became one of the world leaders in its field (gloves and aprons,standard or in stainless steel).

The performance of its chainmail gloves, patented for their maintenance system, strengthens its reputation in the profession.

With its revenue growing steadily, the company has invested heavily since 2013 in its production facilities (doubling of production capacity with a modern extension and construction of new machines).

Novac, the entity dedicated to the consumer market


The Bobet group is convinced that several of its innovation and professional expertise can interest a number of consumer looking for performance and quality products.

The potential market is substantial, especially for products for oyster consumers.

If the French, and more generally the European, are big consumers of oysters, some international markets are also significant (Japan, USA, Russia,  Australia...).

So, the Bobet Group created a separate entity, Novac, to sell these products to individuals.

Five approaches are considered :

  • The food and specialized distribution (shops dedicated to cookware)
  • Online direct sales
  • Oyster farmers
  • Teleshopping
  • Professional gifts

* Personal Protective Equipments